Canada to ban anti-Israeli bid backers

OK so I’ve been pretty quiet on here recently, but the story linked below got me fired up and my blood boiling!

In an obvious show of solidarity with the Zionist terrorist Netanyahu, Canada wants to ban the support of boycott against Israel, stating the reason as promoting hate crime!

What a joke!

Where are the allegations of hate crime when it comes to Israel wanting to wipe Palestine from the map and kill all the Arabs ?

Where are the allegations of hate crime when Israelis, some of them just children, march together and shout for the murder of all Arabs ?

Where are the allegations of hate crime when Israeli so-called soldiers (in truth just cold-blooded terrorists following their evil Zionist leaders) gun down innocent Palestinians, even kids, for no reason other than being Palestinian ?

Well I, for one, definitely support a complete boycott against Israel, and wish with all my heart that tough sanctions could be applied.

Once again I would like to make it perfectly clear that I hold no hate, nor condone any hate towards the non-Zionist good people of Israel, and non-Zionist Jews, most of which are very vocal in their opposition to the terrible and illegal activities of Netanyahu and his terrorist network of Zionists.

BDS needs to continue, to grow, flourish and succeed, and ultimately put an end to this sickening evil !

Britain’s Government and the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

I admit that I did not know of the CFI before reading the article linked below, and having knowledge of it now makes me feel nauseous, while at the same time intensely glad I have never voted for the Tories!
If the numbers being stated by the C4 documentary are correct (and why would they not be), then 80% of Tory MPs belonging to the CFI (including Cameron himself) is a staggeringly huge percentage.
Little wonder, then, that the government is so reluctant to act against Israel for its horrific war crimes in Palestine.

Believe it people, the evil and repugnant Zionists have more power and control than you think!

Evidence of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Committed by Israeli Military During Operation Protective Edge: International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Definitely a step in the right direction, and we can only hope that the ICC take this further, so that justice is served.
The terror state of Israel cannot, and must not, escape the consequences of its horrendous and criminal activities!

A Man In California Wants To Kill My Son

I just read this article and just felt it needed to be shared.
It’s not really political, but it is extremely moving and thought provoking.
I for one salute the mother who penned the article, and hope for a brighter and more understanding future where her 10 year old son can be who he wants to be without facing hatred, bigotry, or indeed a death sentence!

The Squeeze Begins – Google To Change Ranking System

Google is to change its ranking system, and will now rank by a cross-referenced ‘truthfulness’ rather than popularity.
This is a disturbing and worrying change for alternative media sites such as infowars, and the move is clearly designed to start a crackdown on sites that don’t ‘play the game’ when it comes to providing news.

Get prepared right now and find yourself a good list of alternative media websites, then bookmark them, get RSS feeds etc, anything you can to keep those sites in your day to day news gathering!
Do it now, before they disappear from the search results !

America’s “Successful” Lying War Propaganda. “Vladimir Putin, The Blood Thirsty Fiend” | Global Research

The article linked below illustrates some prime examples of how Western media has populated nothing but lies about Putin, leading most of the ‘sheeple’ to believe that the Russian president is the most dangerous man in the world, and the greatest threat to peace.

I urge this time and time again in my posts on this blog, people PLEASE stop paying attention to mainstream media, and start doing your own digging into world events. Look towards non-mainstream, non-Western bias news channels such as, for example. There are many such channels and sources available (at least for now, until the censorship witch hunt begins in earnest!), so start to educate yourself and wake up to what is really happening in the world, and how the global elite are playing us all for the fools that they believe we are.

Read up on things such as Agenda 21, a very real plan signed by many world leaders, which has as one of its primary aims to reduce the population to no more than 500 million. That figure is a 93% reduction of the current population, so ask yourself how that could possibly be achieved ? Well, nuclear war would be a great start, and that is a very definite threat right now, but a threat instigated by the elite controlled West rather than Putin !

Read, research, question, investigate !